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Experience the rewards of working for the leader in sustainable fishing, Austral Fisheries.

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Chefs / Cooks

Exciting opportunity for cooks and chefs to join the Northern Prawn Fishery team and escape the everyday.

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Deckhands & Fishing Hands

An exciting and challenging opportunity for deck and fishing hands who will help sort, clean, process, preserve and package daily catches at sea.

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Marine Engine Driver

A rewarding and challenging opportunity for Engineers who will control the operation and maintenance of the fishing vessel’s plant and equipment, transfer water and fuel, and assist with day-to-day catch.

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Working with Austral


Ready for a change of scenery? Love the ocean? Leave land behind and say goodbye to the humdrum of daily life. Feel a sense of freedom as you traverse the water and get a fresh perspective. A new adventure awaits.


Up for a challenge? Fishing life will put your body and mind to the test. You’ll smash through your comfort zone and experience a lifestyle and job that’s vastly different to the norm while building a new career in the process.


Nothing beats the camaraderie of a fishing boat! Make fast friends and experience a connection you could never share on land – the adventure of the seafaring lifestyle. Fishing friends become your family for life.


It’s not all work with no reward. An epic prawn season provides a treasure trove back on land. Six months of hard fishing funds your lifestyle for six months to do what you love. You also learn new skills and experience career growth.

What our crew has to say

I don’t regret a single moment. I made friends for life and am still learning about the industry and the ocean every day.

I came from a construction background, I was a carpenter. Once I started fishing, I was hooked.

I’d recommend Austral to anyone who wants a career in fishing. They’re a great company to work for!

As a diver, I’ve always respected the ocean. Austral wants to develop, do better, and cause less impact on the ocean.

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about austral fisheries

Austral Fisheries is Australia's leading integrated commercial fishing company bringing high quality, sustainably caught seafood products to customers worldwide. As leaders in sustainable fishing, we were the first seafood business in the world to be certified as carbon neutral and continue to take our responsibility as a steward of the ocean seriously.

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    • I enjoy a hard day's work.
    • I'm looking to start a career.
    • I'm searching for my next challenge.
    • I want a change of scenery.
    • I'm keen to work with a good crew.